Jan 28, 2009

cool new open access journal by and for activists and academics

It's a journal of research for and from social movements, called Interface and the new issue includes articles like

* Movement knowledge.What do we know, how do we create knowledge and what do we do with it?

* Action research: mapping the nexus of research and political action.

* Extensão universitária: compromisso social, resistência e produção de conhecimentos (Continuing education: social commitment, resistance and the production of knowledge).

* Redes para a (re)territorialização de espaços de conflito: os casos do MST e MTST no Brasil (Networks for the reterritorialisation of spaces of conflict: the cases of the Brazilian MST and MTST).

Check it out. Lets support open source publishing by reading, citing and publishing open source!

The call for papers for issue two, on the theme of "civil society vs social movements" is online here. The deadline for submissions is May 15th, 2009; issue two is due out in September.

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