Jan 31, 2011

political empathy

Inspired by the Egyptians and the Tunisians to hit the streets for some justice? Maybe what you're feeling is not solidarity but - political empathy? As in, we too have corrupt leaders who take all the money? Hmm. Very interesting argument made by Gaston Gordillo in this great blog post, where he also talks about the concept of resonance. I'm still chewing on how they relate to solidarity, but I'm intrigued. See algo his great review of the geography of the uprisings of the multitude across the globe in the last ten years here.

(Photo is of a women's protest held today in Cairo against killings of protesters. The women in black strategy continues to travel, photo by Miguel Medina)

Jan 26, 2011

beautiful video of testimony from the peace community of San Jose in Colombia

Testimonios "Comunidad de San José de Apartadó" from Albert Farnos on Vimeo.

My apologies for those that don't speak Spanish - no translation as of yet, though there are subtitles in Spanish if those help you with the accents. Beautifully done. I have great affection and respect and admiration for Brigida, whose testimony comes last. She spoke at the vigil to close the School of the Americas several years ago. It was an honor to get to stay with her when I visited the community.

Jan 14, 2011

Jan 6, 2011

Peace Brigades video

English: 15 years accompanying human rights defenders in Colombia from Peace Brigades International on Vimeo.

I posted some of the short videos Peace Brigades made about the partners that they work with in Colombia. This hour long video incorporates some of those. If I'm not mistaken it also includes shots that aren't in the shorter blurbs about each organization. I like that the short video they made about what PBI actually does comes at the end, after the stories of the Colombian organizations themselves. It's all beautifully done, inspiring, and well worth watching.