Jan 7, 2009

war 2.0

War is now being waged on youtube. The Israeli Defense Force's channel of videos of the bombing is beyond creepy. Supposedly youtube has taken down the worst ones! ha. But there are also some incredible disturbing home videos being put up *from the ground* in Gaza like the one above (which I find very hard to watch). Youtube really is an incredible resource when no outside media is being allowed in. Of course, after so many years of being blockaded and trapped into a ghetto (which is now to top it all off being bombed), how many Palestinians will have the resources to own a digital camera that takes video? Right now who still has internet to upload it? Who has the generators to get electricity to run the computer? That any of these videos are getting out at all is amazing. Of course, these views from the ground are not nearly as widely seen as the IDF ones from the planes, and as disturbing as watching them is, I do think sharing them is important solidarity work.

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