Dec 21, 2013

playing with space and time to foster solidarity

“It’s not happening here. But it is happening now.” is the title of this ad campaign Amnesty International put up in Switzerland that has been getting reposted around the web (I saw it here). Below are only 10 of the 200 posters in the campaign.  I have seen many attempts over the years to bring a conflict 'into' a more peaceful space as a way to inspire solidarity, for example giving numbers of how many dead it would translate into if the war were in your town, or overlaying a map of where bombs have fallen in Baghdad to San Francisco, but this is a whole new take on these moves to help people 'bring it home' and imagine what it would be like to live it 'here', as a way to inspire action to end war over 'there'.

via acidcow.

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Rafael said...

Some of the most powerful images I have seen. And beyond war, torture etc.there is much more that is not happening here, that is happening now.