May 20, 2015

an update on my favorite 'blue for you'

Recently I posted about several campaigns that ask folks to wear blue in solidarity.  My favourite is the campaign against fracking in the Seneca Lake region of New York state in the US, where folks wear blue to show that they stand with and for the lake.  I previously reported that they won their campaign and stopped the fracking.

I am sad to have to report that the campaign continues, because now the company is planning to store fracked gas, extracted from other parts of the region, in large abandonded salt caverns underneath the lake. There is a horribly likelihood of leakage into the lake, which provides drinking water for 100,000.  A lot of these storage facilities also blow up, and are very hard to put out (as in, they burn for three weeks).

Josh Fox, who directed Gasland about the harms of fracking, has a new short explaining this called We are Seneca Lake (as I've posted before, this is a 'we are x' I actually like - as the campaigners put it, we drink the water, we literally are Seneca Lake).  Josh's video showed recently on Democracy Now.  It is here and well worth watching.

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