Jun 12, 2013

making space for peace in Gezi with yoga

Space for Peace is my twitter handle, and also something I think about a lot. What does it mean? How do we make it?

Well yoga in the middle of an occupation is certainly an unusual way! In this fabulous short video one of my favorite yoga teachers, Chris Chavez, leads a class in the middle of the Gezi Park protest in Istanbul.  The last time I took a class with Chris was on the beach in Vancouver and we were looking across the bay at the North Shore mountains.  I guess he has a knack for spectacular outdoor classes!

I got the link to this video from a sister blog of sorts that I highly recommend: decolonizing yoga.  

Since this video was shot the protestors have faced a massive smackdown from police.  Please take a quick minute to support them with this quick click amnesty action.  


ana australiana said...

Yoga feels like a bit of a force at the moment! Check this out, on precarity in the university from here in Sydney http://newmatilda.com/2013/05/06/just-how-flexible-are-casual-academics

Sara Koopman said...

Ana I love it! absolutely fabulous use of yoga for protest! mil gracias compa querida