Jun 26, 2013

We are all Europe

I recently got an email from the Soros Foundation telling me that they have just launched Solidarity Now, a network of people and organisations working together to support those hardest hit by the crisis in Greece.  It will fund, amongst other things, solidarity centres in Greece.

Their beautiful promotional video, below, is full of romanticized slogans.  It's a bit of a stretch, even for me, to believe that 'while you are homeless, I have no home'.  Though 'if you are not safe, I am not safe' is easier to understand. And 'we are all Europe' worked unusually well since it seemed primarily to be aimed at Europeans, which is not how those sorts of slogans are usually used, as I recently wrote in a post about why I prefer 'we are all Juan' type slogans to 'I am Juan' ones.

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